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Playtime by day

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for 1h 24m
for 28m
for 1h 26m

Got 1 achievement

  • Another way..
for 1h 17m
for 2h 14m
for 2h 24m
for 1h 35m
for 4h 5m
for 1h 30m
for 1h 37m

Got 12 achievements

  • Maze Jogger
    Escaped the Arena
  • Payline
    Escape from the Crypts
  • Esoteric Etymology
    Assisted in escaping the Ritual Chamber
  • Ascending Acuity
    Assisted in escaping the Dark Stairwell
  • Astriction Constriction
    Escaped the Royal Promenade
  • Too Hot To Handle
    Escaped the Incinerator
  • Relation Elevation
    Was this sacrifice neccessary?
  • The Joy of Puzzling
    Assisted in installing Windows
  • The Runner Games
    Assisted in escaping the Arena
  • Gordian Knight
    Assisted in escaping the Battlefield
  • Medium-Rare
    Assisted in escaping the Incinerator
  • Ups and Downs
    Was there another way?
for 1h 27m
for 2h 40m

Got 2 achievements

  • Car Zero
    Raced for 4 laps in the Lamborghini Veneno around Red Bull Ring GP
  • May I Ask You Something
    Used the Race Engineer in Tuning Setup and made changes based off their recommendation.
for 1h 51m
for 1h 12m
for 3h 36m
for 1h 34m
for 2h 5m

Got 3 achievements

  • I'm Just Here To Watch
    Joined an in-progress online race as a spectator
  • Results Are In, You're Clean!
    Finished 1st in an online race over 5 laps without making contact
  • Hunting For Grip
    Drove a clean lap around Fuji in Storm conditions, in a time less than 2 minutes
for 1h 37m
for 5h 5m
for 45m