Hello! I personally track everything I listen to, everything I watch on TV, every game I play, and more. And so, I call this project "Everything". You can find out more by visiting the code repository homepage.


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  • πŸ’¬ Every three months, I have to go to the office for two days. Despite only having done the first day so far, I am already so exhausted. If I lived closer (ie. Within a walking or biking distance of about 15 minutes) and could duck out early if I needed a break, I might be able to tolerate going in more. I'm not even driving myself, and I am so grateful I'm able to get a lift in, but the sheer amount of time it takes sat in a car in traffic just drains all the energy out of me. 3 months ago
  • πŸ’¬ This weekend was almost entirely just playing video games. Feels like I needed it. 3 months ago
  • 🎡 Had this melody and chord pattern in my head for like a year now, somewhat inspired by ELO's Twilight and various Frost* songs. It's got a 2 minute long epic intro and I've barely started the first verse 😎Am I making prog rock now? I sure hope so! It's one of my favourite genres but always seemed unapproachable as massively complicated to actually make, but ya gotta start somewhere!PS. considering it's a draft, expect random clipping, poorly played/sung parts, and other weirdness 4 months ago
  • πŸ’¬ Started time tracking again recently to try and figure out what was wrong with me. I didn't need the results to figure out what it was 😏 (hint: the act of timetracking, and for the reason I specified, was enough). So now I'm in two minds about continuing or not, because realistically it serves no purpose, but visualising it looks so coooool 4 months ago
  • πŸ’¬ Just added the ability to track Steam achievements on this site, so I guess I'd best play some games to make sure it definitely works! πŸ€“Added in commit: a5a8b85 4 months ago

listening (7 days)

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fav artist Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (x91)
fav album SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound (x44)
fav song The Tale of Gurney Gridman (x4)

gaming (7 days)

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total playtime 9h 13m
average length 1h 32m
total sessions 6
fav game Space Engineers


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  • S16E06 - Brother Alex from "Taskmaster (2015)"
  • S16E05 - Skateboard Division from "Taskmaster (2015)"


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average bed time
average wake time
average sleep
shortest & longest -


πŸŒ† location Glasgow, Alba / Scotland
πŸ”‹ battery 35% (unplugged)
πŸ§ͺ feed Try The Everything Feed .