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Playtime by day

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for 2h 57m

Got 1 achievement

  • Sharpshooter
    Kill 350 enemies with a Rifle.
🎮 Gran Turismo 5
for 2h 40m
for 2h 53m

Got 1 achievement

  • Help me to help you
    Sure, I can take care of that, neighbor.
for 1h 54m

Got 1 achievement

  • Own use
    Reap what you sow.
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 5m
for 5h 19m
for 5h 58m

Got 2 achievements

  • It just fell off
    It was only a matter of time…
  • I'm stumped
    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does one hand clap?
🎮 Gran Turismo 5
for 2h 5m
for 2h 5m

Got 18 achievements

  • Home Sweet Home!
    Find your way back home
  • Local Celebrity
    Get photographed 20 times
  • Fruit Fall
  • What Sweet Music
  • Smash Hit
    Break 100 objects
  • Rub-A-Dub-Dub!
  • Splish!
  • World Traveler
    Open all Tanuki's portals
  • If I Fits, I Sits
    Enjoy 5 cardboard boxes
  • Give A Dog A Bone
    Bring bones to all the dogs
  • Dumpster Diving
    Investigate 10 trash cans
  • Neighborhood Hero
    Complete all items on your To-Do list
  • Back Of The Net
    Score every soccer goal
  • No Parking!
  • Killer Kitty
  • Capped Crusader
    Collect all the hats
  • Sticky Business
    Bust all the old birds' nests
  • Litter Picker
    Recycle 100 items
for 2h 24m

Got 7 achievements

  • Climbing the Ladder
    Reach rank 40.
  • Resourceful
    Kill 50 enemy soldiers with Found Weapons.
  • As quiet as a mouse
    Kill 50 enemies during a Sound Mask.
  • Snake in the Grass
    While in Tall Grass, kill 50 soldiers.
  • Precision Is Key
    Kill 150 enemies with any weapon while in Iron Sights.
  • Skirmisher
    Kill 300 enemies with a Secondary Weapon.
  • Locomotion Commotion
    In Martressac, create an accident that destroys the train in the storage area.
for 2h 22m

Got 12 achievements

  • Bird Botherer
    Catch (and release!) 20 birds
  • Cult Of Purr-sonality
    Get petted 10 times
  • Surprise!
    Knock a human over by jumping on them
  • Papa-cat-zi
    Take 20 photos with your camera
  • Checkmate!
    Remove all the chess pieces from the board
  • Big Kitty, Little City
  • Hello Everyone!
    Meet all the animals
  • Quack Troops!
    Collect all the ducklings
  • Cat Napper
    Sleep in all the cozy nap spots
  • Who Needs Cash?
    Use your noggin on the soda machine
  • Fin-tastic!
    Eat all the yummy fish
  • Fat Cat
    Find 200 Shinies
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 1h 30m
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 1h 5m
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 1h 5m
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 2h 40m
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 2h 40m
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 2h 15m
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 2h 40m
🎮 Gran Turismo™ 7
for 2h 10m
for 1h 22m

Got 9 achievements

  • Cat-Like Reflexes
    Capture a bird in flight
  • Industrial Artist
    Leave your pawprints in the wet concrete
  • To Me, To You!
    Get a human to kick a ball to you
  • And Stay Out!
    Get kicked out of a store
  • Decluttering
    Smash 10 items
  • Snap Happy!
    Get your very own camera
  • Snack Time!
    Get your first yummy fish
  • Trip Hazard
    Make 20 humans stumble
  • Can't Stop The Feelings
    Use an emote